Potassium humate is an effective organic fertilizer that has unique properties due to the essential role of humic acids in the planet’s biosphere. The application of humic acids can improve the ecological cleanliness, nutritional and taste qualities of crops, reduce growth and ripening periods, increase plant yields, restore soil fertility, increase productivity, and improve the health of birds, animals, and humans.

Humate can be used not only in pure form but also as an additive in various preparations used in agriculture, veterinary medicine, cosmetics, oil and gas, pharmaceutical, and other industries.

Humic acids increase the efficiency and safety of mineral and organic fertilizers, microelements, growth regulators, plant protection products, and many other substances. This product is registered in the European Union and the United Arab Emirates.

Ecologically clean product

100% organic contents

Safe for humans and environment

Certified according to EU standards


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