Regarding Cement

 Our ability to meet project deadlines and deliver consistent, high-quality products ensures that our types of cement are continuously used in the construction of many international long-term structures.

We have a rich experience in cement and concrete production in Turkey and have unique access to a wide range of international resources.

Our cement products can be general-purpose or innovative blends or special versions developed to meet project specifications.


We sell cement in bulk, large bags, and sling bags in white and gray colors, processed for Cr+6 and low alkali with various types.


Grey Cement

OP Cement

SR Cement

Slag Cement

Cem 42,5R

Cem I 42,5N

  • Cem II 42,5R

  • Cem I 52,5N

  • Cem II 52,5N

  • Cem II 32,5R

  • Cem IV 32,5R

  • Type I/II

  • Type II/V

White Cement

  • Cem I 52,N

  • Cem I 52,5R

  • Cem II 42,5N

  • ASTM & AASHTO are compliant with American requirementss

  • EC Certificates are compliant with European requirements

  • AFNOR are compliant with French requirements for quality and trade

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