About Glarus Trade

Glarus Trade was founded in 2012 in Sofia, Bulgaria. We are a business-to-business oriented company, created to offer new opportunities to our clients by providing access to our well-selected portfolio of Bulgarian and foreign manufacturers.

Our current focus is on vegetable oils, oilseeds, cereals and fodder. We provide trading services in the construction and road construction industry, petroleum products, and more, by collaborating with reliable suppliers from the Black Sea region and Eastern Europe, the Balkan Peninsula, Ukraine, Russia, China, Iraq, Iran, and Turkey.

Glarus Trade is a preferred business partner for leading companies in the business sector, acting with principles of reliability, accuracy, professionalism, and loyalty to our clients.

What we do

As an independent organization in a free trade environment, Glarus Trade provides objective information to its clients with market analysis, daily prices, and sectoral information. We always consider the needs of our clients and help them to meet their requirements more cost-effectively, reliably, and quickly.

We manage the process in the best possible way by providing value-added services to our clients in all trading phases, with our professional staff dominating the rules of international trade.

Why we do it

Our vision is to continue to develop our talents and responsibilities by realizing the team spirit and growing together with our business partners to provide the best service and development for all of us.

Our mission is to produce quality products, offer timely reasonable prices, and provide the best service to our valuable business partners by being present at every stage of the trade.


Do you have any questions?

 If you have any questions or need additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us!