high quality (organic) cellulose fibers

FIBRO-CEL is the latest generation cellulose additive for split mastic. The technology ensures high quality and homogeneity of microfiber and the new granulation technology provides a thick protective sheath of the granules, which ensures uniform distribution in mixture minimizes dust during transportation, storage and production.

A variety of processes and products of the processing steps create maximum added-value – high-tech products with excellent quality.

The products have the mandatory certifications and cover the current market requirements and safety claims.

Product Application:

FIBRO-CEL® cellulose fibers are used as an additive in various fields of construction and construction industries

Functional fibers are used as additives or raw material in nearly all areas of modern industry.

Product Benefits

  • Extends thermoplastic interva Increases asphalt resistance against deformation and tracks
  • Allows the increasing of the amount of bitumen without the risk of segregation and spillage
  • Bituminous coating of the fibers guarantee a quick and complete dispersion in the mix
  • Excellent efficiency and stabilizing effect due to a dense three-dimensional fiber network
  • Economical asphalt production – no capacity or energy losses caused by unnecessary dry mixing time

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