Bitumen finds wide application in the construction of asphalt roads and products made from bitumen membranes. Bitumen is commonly used in the construction of highways, motorways, and railway networks.

Bitumen has excellent waterproofing properties and is widely used in the production of roofing products, along with a range of other household and industrial applications, from emulsion paints to soundproofing.

Penetration bitumen and bitumen emulsions are used in the construction of railway tracks, and by using special types of bitumen such as polymer-modified bitumen, levels of vibration and noise are reduced due to the damping effect.

Glarus Trade is constantly expanding its product portfolio. Today, we would like to offer Bitumen 50-70 originating from Azerbaijan. This type of bitumen is used in road construction and is excellent for regions with hot summers and cold winters. The composition of Bitumen 50-70 provides the road surface with the greatest resistance to displacements, cracks, and freeze-thaw cycles.

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